SWF Maestro: versatile SWF-to-EXE, SWF-to-SCR compiler with a lot of features. Creates applications, games, screensavers from SWF files.  

What's New

Features, additions, changes and bug fixes in SWF Maestro software.

Changes between 1.00 and 2.00:

Version 2.0:

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Major update.

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Improved user interface.

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Added the compiler progress window. It shows the detailed info on the compilation progress.

(SCR / SCR PRO) - Added integration with Inno Setup. Now you can easily create installers for your screensavers.

(SCR / SCR PRO) - Added Termination Conditions settings. These settings enable you to configure the conditions when the screensaver should be terminated. For instance, you can disable 'on mouse move' termination and enable 'ESC-key' termination for creating "interactive" screensavers.

(EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Fixed a memory leak bug which caused the compiler not to free 21 bytes of memory after compiling and encrypting trial-limited files.

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Fixed bugs where SWF Maestro did not launch on some Windows XP and Windows Vista configurations.

Version 1.30:

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Added a feature allowing to leave some files unpacked and access them from the compiled application.

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Fixed a bug which caused SWF Maestro to compile large files into .dat file twice.

Version 1.25:

(EXE / SCR / EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Some minor fixes.

Version 1.20:

(EXE PRO / SCR PRO) - Added new products: SWF Maestro EXE PRO and SWF Maestro SCR PRO. The PRO versions create applications and screensavers with 'try-before-buy' limitations. It enables you to turn your SWF projects into profitable commercial products.

(EXE / SCR) - Some minor updates.

Version 1.15:

(EXE / SCR) - Compiler requires the JavaScript support that is part of the Windows operating systems. Added a screen that will help the user to restore the JavaScript support if it cannot be initialized.

Version 1.10:

(EXE / SCR) - Added new FSCommand-calls: "clipboard.getText" , "clipboard.setText".

(EXE) - Some improvements in the transparency algorithm.

(EXE) - Fixed a bug which caused transparent SWF files to process some actions of text fields and buttons incorrectly.

(EXE) - Fixed a bug where transparent applications did not detect flash on some systems properly.

(EXE) - Fixed a bug which caused transparent applications to process FSCommand - commands on first frames incorrectly.

(EXE / SCR) - Some minor compiler updates.

Version 1.00:

(EXE / SCR) - First release of SWF Maestro.

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