SWF Maestro: versatile SWF-to-EXE, SWF-to-SCR compiler with a lot of features. Creates applications, games, screensavers from SWF files.

Example: Transparent application

We will create a windowless application completely based on the image of the SWF file in this application.

Do the following to create a transparent application:

  1. Open SWF Maestro (EXE)..
  2. Click “New From...” and select the project file created in the previous example. It will allow us to use the existing project as a template.
  3. Open “User Interface > Application window”.
  4. Enable the “Transparent SWF” option.
  5. Click “Save As” to save the project.
  6. Now click “Preview” and you will see that SWF Maestro completely supports the transparency the way it is configured in SWF.
  7. Close the “Preview” window and enable the “Drag the window” option.
  8. Click the “Preview” again and try to drag the window by clicking the image of the ball with the mouse.
  9. Also, experiment with the “Opacity” option setting the values from 0 to 255. It allows you to make the application translucent.