SWF Maestro: versatile SWF-to-EXE, SWF-to-SCR compiler with a lot of features. Creates applications, games, screensavers from SWF files.

Example: Windowed application

We will create a standard windowed application out of an SWF file in this example.

Do the following to create a windowed application:

  1. Open SWF Maestro (EXE).
  2. Click “New” to create a new project file.
  3. Select “General > Application” in the menu and enter the name “My first application”.
  4. Do not change anything in the “General > Version Info” menu because it is a demo application and it will not be distributed. However, you can enter your data if you want to.
  5. Now open “Files > Files for compilation ”.
  6. You create an application out of only one SWF file so select “Compile one SWF File”, click “Browse” and specify the path to the file “swf.swf” in the “Tutorials\swf” directory.
  7. Open “Files > Final application” and specify the path where the application file will be created.
  8. Now switch to “User Interface > Application window”.
  9. Make sure that the “Transparent SWF” option is disabled and the “Border / Caption / Window Menu / Minimize / Maximize / Sizing” options are enabled. With this configuration, SWF Maestro will create a standard windowed application.
  10. Enable the “SWF file Width / Height” option to make the size of the window equal to the size of the SWF file.
  11. Click “Save As” to save the project.
  12. Click “Preview” to view the application in operation.
  13. Close the “Preview” window and click “Compile” to compile the application.
  14. You can use the “Run” button to run the application after the compilation.